ghost cake.

This cake was sort of a disaster. First I didn't have shortening for the cake, so I used butter. Then I didn't have any vinegar, so I had to leave it out. then the cake sort of fell apart when I was stacking it. then I didn't make enough frosting so you can see the cake crumbs.

But its edible and actually really tasty. The best tasting red velvet cake I've ever made, and I totally messed up with it! Score!!

And I love how my little ghosts turned out. I especially like the one where it looks like its eye is bleeding. It gives more of a 'horror' effect.


Ok, back to business.  This is a red velvet cake with vanilla butter cream, chocolate ganache and the ghosts are a marshmallow frosting. 

The marshmallow frosting I could eat with a spoon in hand and a good chick flick. It was SO good.

I got the recipe from i am baker.

Happy Halloween!!!

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