tomato soup. in cupcake form.

tomato soup cupcakes.

you can find the recipe here.

when i first heard of tomato soup cake i was kind of grossed out.
i mean, to me tomato soup should only be eaten in soup form, with some gold fish crackers swimming in the bowl.

but i will testify to all of you. in front of the baking gods that this cake is good. really good. really really good. really really really good. really really really rea... you get the idea.

its like the classic spice cake magnified.

i double, triple, quadruple dog dare you to stand your little toosh up and make this baby.
and if you don't like it... you can yell at me for leading you astray.

but i don't have to worry about that.

the only leading that i'm doing for you is to a happy belly.


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